Black Polychrome Transferware Copeland Spode Chrysanthemum Aster Plate


Brand Copeland Spode

Copeland Spode Botanical Charger / Plate Black Transferware Hand Painted 

First produced in 1832 by Spode this pattern was called Chinese Plants.  It was mainly printed in blue.   It was reintroduced in 1926 and titled Aster and most often printed in red with lavender and green hand painted touches.  Rarely is it found in this black transfer with the hand painted reds and greens.  It is very striking. The border interlaces two flowers;  chrysanthemum / aster and periwinkle.

This plate is in the Gadroon shape with a pie crust shaped and scalloped rim.  Circa 1930's

Measures:  10 1/2"

Condition:  Excellent  No chips, cracks or crazing.