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Huge Turkey Platter Midwinter Polychrome Black Transferware Thanksgiving Serving Tray English Ironstone China


Brand W.R. Midwinter

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It's turkey time! Do you have a special platter to serve your turkey on this Thanksgiving? If not, here is a stunning one to consider. It's a vintage piece, dating to about 1930 by Midwinter of England.

It is a rare black transfer featuring Tom Turkey surrounded by pastoral scenes with handpainted touches of blue, red, brown, green and gold throughout. It has a lovely, bucolic border with farmhouses and cattle.

Measures 20.25" x 15.75"
No chips or cracks, there is some crazing present

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This platter has been featured in Romantic Homes Magazine Nov 2011 (a 3 page article on me and Turkey transferware!)

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