#11 La Rosa Capucine 2 Color Blue & Black Transferware Plate French Le Langage Des Fleurs Choisy Le Roi


Brand Unknown

The Language of Flowers
Le langage des fleurs 

plate 11 La Rosa Claudine (the rise nasturtiam) Qui s’y frotte s’y pique (if you go looking for trouble  you'll find it) 😂 

Circa 1890-1902

This antique French two color transferware plate features two colors of  blue  and black. This is plate 11 of 12 from the Series Le Langage Des Fleurs by Choisy Le Roi 

Measures 7 1/2”

Condition: no chips or cracks

There is  typical, age related crazing present. 

Marked: Médailles D’or  The initials H B & Cie Choisy-Le-Roi

The initials HB stand for Hippolyte Boulenger, who was a manifacturer of faience and maiolica. Founded in Choisy-le-Roi by three Paillart brothers, subsequently directed by one of them, Valentin Paillart, and his partner, Hippolyte Hautin from 1824-36, when Paillart left. Hautin then took Louis Boulenger (1773-1850) as partner. Their children Adolphe Boulenger (1805-1873) and Alexandrine Hautin (1814-1900) married, and had four children, one of whom, Hippolyte Boulenger (1836-1892) took over the factory in 1863 and renamed it H. Boulenger & Cie. He transformed it into a company with an international reputation, exhibiting at the great world's fairs. In 1889, a store opened in Paris. Hyppolite was succeeded by his two sons and in 1920, the firm bought the Manufacture de Montereau, becoming Hippolyte Boulanger-Creil-Montereau. The Choisy factory closed in 1934, and Montereau closed in 1955.