Antique Light Blue Cottage Floral Transferware Cuspidor - Spitoon Perfect as a Cache' Pot or Planter


Brand Royal Doulton

For consideration is this gorgeous, unusual and rare example of a 19th century Cuspidor from the Aesthetic Movement.  It has a pretty floral pattern with an English Country cottage and Manor.  It would make a lovely planter!

What is a cuspidor? It is another word for spittoon, aka a vessel for spitting, especially tobacco. These date back centuries in Southeast Asia and began appearing in both the UK and more so in the United States around 1840.
Spittoons were considered an advance in general public manners and health, intended to replace the act of spitting on the floors, in the streets and sidewalks.
Spittoons are primarily used today for wine tasters and in dental offices.

Most cuspidors were made of brass or some sort of metal but some were made of cut glass, porcelain or pottery and beautifully decorated, such as this piece. These make beautiful pots for house plants or flowers.

Measures: 7”  x 5" tall