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RARE Antique Wedgwood Blue & Brown Hand Painted Polychrome Bi Color Transferware Turkey Plate


Brand Wedgwood

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Antique Wedgwood Game Series Game Bird Turkey Plate

Enameled  / Hand Painted

Here is a rare, absolutely stunning example of custom items exported to the American Market for high end retailers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. From one of the worlds most prestigious and well known potters, this Wedgwood game bird (turkey) pattern plate comes in a two color, cobalt blue and brown transfer which features rich hand enameled shades of green, gold, brown and red. I think this is one of the most beautiful turkey plates I've seen....and I've seen a lot! The colors are rich, vivid and so vibrant.  Made exclusively for Marshall Fields.  

Marshall Fields was an upscale department store in Chicago, Illinois. Founded in the 19th century, it grew to become a large chain before Macy's acquired it in 2005. Its eponymous founder, Marshall Field, was a pioneering retail magnate.

After 1828, technology allowed potters to produce two and three color transfer wares.  These are hard to find and more valuable than single color transfers as each color required its own firing, thus was a more laborious technique.

Measurements: appx 10”

 Condition:  Wonderful condition, no chips or cracks,  Super Rare and absolutely a beautiful, heirloom quality piece

Markings:  The plate is impressed with 'Wedgwood'  and letter/number combination as well as a Marshall Fields mark