Cardew Wicker / Rattan Chair w/ Blue Willow China Teapot Royal Doulton


Brand Royal Doulton

Limited Edition

Stunning Royal Doulton Teapot by Paul Cardew

This absolutely darling Royal Doulton Real Old Willow Teapot is in the form of an overstuffed Rattan/Wicker chair.   The seat of the chair is a blue Willow cushion topped with a pillow and a book containing the Blue Willow Story, as well as a Blue Willow bowl filled with fruit.  A pretty throw hangs over the chair back.  This is absolutely darling!   

Measures  7 1/2” 

Condition: Excellent, no chips, cracks although when I took the pics I did notice at the very top of the blue pillow hanging over the chair a rough spot on the bottom corner.  I wouldn’t have noticed but I picked the lid up in that very spot and felt it.  I am unsure if this is a tiny scrape or it was manufactured this way.  It is not noticeable.  I’m including a pic..  

*other similar teapots from the same collection, shown in photo, are being sold individually

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