Pair of Vintage Needlepoint Pillows Hummingbirds Flowers Green Zipper Velvet Backing


Brand Unknown

 Pair of vintage needlepoint pillow covers (pillows included or can be tossed if you do not want them).  These are so pretty.  Each features a different hummingbird fluttering amongst flowers (delphinium and geraniums). They are shades of green and coral color.  They have emerald green velvet backs with zipper closures.

 Good condition 


Such a delicate little hummingbird
I saw fluttering to and fro'
Level eye, she flew right by
Then dove for the flowers below

I could only watch in muse
Remaining myself ever so discreet
As she partook of nectar
That lay in growth nearest my feet

I knew that I should dare not move
Lest she would surely fly away
How amazed I was by this dainty creature...
And hoped that she at length would stay

Ere she sipped from bloom to bloom-
All the while, so utterly unaware
That I did stand in pure delight
As before me, she hovered mid-air

Once again she dove below
And took her final fill
Then began she did to ascend away
As I just stood there still

She grew smaller and smaller
Quickly flown from my eyes reach
I shouted out with glee to her
"Please come again and sip near me"

©2001 Nancy Roberts