SET OF 4 Double Matted Gold Framed Victorian Perfume Bottles & Roses Prints


Brand Wanda Lee


Intricately Detailed Cut Glass Victorian Perfume Bottles & Roses

Wanda LAdorable & charming French Victorian art by Canadian artist Wanda Lee. 

"Each picture is painstakingly line drawn in brown ink. Shading is then applied in the form of tiny dots, and lines, using a fine point, brown ink pen. Finally the colours are added in soft muted shades, and rich jewel tones, creating an exquisitely detailed image that is both characteristic of the artwork of the Victorian era as well as a Wanda Lee original."

I have this very same set in my bathroom (shown in pics with the flowers) and bought mine brand new years ago...back when you ordered from a catalog or the back of a magazine!!!  They're about 25 years old...maybe a bit older but definitely no more than 30.  I've used them in my master bathroom or dressing / vanity area every house we've lived in.  Still love them!

The Art: Beautifully and professionally framed under glass with a double mat of light sage green and cream and in an ornate gold wood frame

Measures:  The overall size is  5.5" x 5.5" plus an inch if you add the hanger on top

In nice vintage condition. Print is excellent (and so cute!), matting and glass are great, each frame has an antique'd brass hanger on top so these can be hung with pretty ribbons or standard with hardware already attached on back.  

Condition:   Gently used, no signs of any damage just some minor wear around the outside of the frame