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Vintage English Woven Silk Chipmunk w/ Acorn Matted & Gold Frame


Brand cash’s

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This beautiful picture is by Cash’s, an English ribbon weaving firm since 1846.  Over 100 years ago the Free Trade Bill was passed which put thousands of ribbon weavers out of work and forced them into poverty.  One mill owner began making silk bookmarks and pictures using the same looms and skills needed for ribbon making.  They became popular and collectible are today still sought out for their unique beauty.

This silk details an Eastern Chipmunk fetching an acorn amongst woodland grasses. The detail is remarkable!  

The Art: Framed under glass with a brown textured mat and gold wood frame

Measures:  The overall framed size is 9 1/4” x 6 1/8”

The forest ponies are listed and sold separately.

Condition:   Gently used, no significant signs of any damage  some minor wear around the outside of the frame