Spode Red & Blue Bi Color Transferware Patchwork Quilt Plate 1


Brand Nancy's Daily Dish

Produced by Spode only for three years, from 2001 to 2004 this charming plate is called the Patchwork which combines designs from three different Spode patterns.  All of the pieces within the patterns are mix and match and this is one of my favourites.  It resembles a Patchwork quilt and reminds me of classic, traditional bandana patterns.  In brick red, blue and white these are perfect for Summer picnics, patriotic gatherings and especially Independence Day.  At Christmas I placed one plate in the center of a wreath and got SO many compliments on the plate itself.

There are 4 unique patchwork patterned plates available.  This is for the one shown, which is Number 1


Condition:  Nearly new and unused

Measures: About 9 1/4" square