STUNNING circa 1835 Rare Pink Green Two Color Transferware Plate New Stone China Roses Urn


Brand Nancy's Daily Dish

After 1828, technology allowed potters to produce two and three color transfer wares.  This is truly a stunning and most beautiful example which dates to 1835-40.  The unique shape along with the green and pink / red bi color transfer is exquisite!

Because items made of ironstone were thick and heavy, the shape of the dishes became important. In the 1840s, James Edwards, John Ridgway and the Mayer Brothers introduced all white, beautifully glazed dinner ware with angular shapes that deviated from the gentle curves that had been traditionally used. In 1844, John Ridgway & Co. patented a design called "Classic Gothic," a hexagonal shape with crown finials and scrolled arches. Other potteries offered variations on the "gothic" design during the 1840s.  Truly an exquisite piece even for the most selective of collectors.

Measures 9.5"

Condition: Minor rough spots around outer rim.  Stilt marks, minor glaze pops (common during production of this time period), crazing

Marked with a crown and reads NEW STONE CHINA

*last photo is not the plate included here, but is the same pattern and shown with other red and pink / green transferware.