Vintage English Beswick Horse Figurine Equine Equestrian


Brand Unknown

Vintage BESWICK England HORSE FIGURINE  Glossy - Brown - Swish Tail

Early Beswick round mark, with BESWICK ENGLAND in a circle with 2 dots.  This mark was used after WWI until 1948 to 1954. 

J.W. Beswick pottery was founded in 1894, with a factory in Longton, Stoke-on-Trent in England. Originally they produced tableware and ornamental items, but became known for its porcelain figurines  and gifts.  Figurines of race horses and champion dogs were produced since 1934. 

This beautiful figurine may be an unidentified race horse from the middle of the twentieth century with its white (called socks or stockings)  forelegs/ back legs and markings on its head (a long white blaze).  Very regal posture. 

condition: No chips or cracks, some gloss/glaze loss

measurements: 10” nose to tail x about 8”