12’ x 9’ Vintage Handmade English Countey Flowers Rug Black Wool Needlepoint


Brand Unknown

Gorgeous handmade needlepoint rug consisting of a plethora of flower bouquets on a black background.   I purchased this carpet about 20 years ago from a direct importer along with quite a few others which I resold.  I used it for a time in my physical shop when I had one and then have hung onto it thinking I’d have the right place to use it but alas I have not and so I’ve decided to let it go.  I’ve priced it less than what I paid for it from the importer.  This same design was sold by Horchow and a Neiman Marcus at the time for almost $4000 for the same size.  The colors are beautiful!

I’ve had it open stored for several years. It will need a very good vacuuming!  You’ll want to get a rug pad to go beneath it as well.  As is quite common with hand knotted and needlepoints, it is slightly misshapen.

. 11’6” x 8’6”

Condition is very good.