15” Tall Playful Kiss Momma & Baby 🐰 Bunny 🐇 Rabbit Figurine


Brand Unknown

I fell in love with this statue the second I laid eyes on it because I was flooded with memories of doing the very same thing with each of my children, and nieces and nephews when they were smaller.   I’d lay on my back, put their tummy against my feet and then it was take off and them on my feet and then we’d lift for an airplane ride.  I’d give them little smooches like this too though and then I’d give them a few bounces, lean to one side and then the other saying, “we’re experiencing some turbulence”  and let them crash to the ground (gently and very playfully).   They loved it.  They’d always ask for airplane rides!  Such fun memories.  But, back to these adorable Bunny Rabbits. Here, a parent and child, caught in a playful and loving moment.    The Momma (or daddy)  is on her his back with baby on her feet leaning over for a smooch.   This can be displayed year round and changed up for the holidays.  It would especially perfect for Spring or Easter surrounded by some tulips or pretty Decorated eggs as a centerpiece. It would even be a sweet decorative item in the nursery.  I did my first borns room in a rabbit theme. Who doesn’t love bunnies?

 So sweet!

Condition: New ,Cast resin with a textured, weathered concrete finish

measurements: 15.5” tall