1891 Antique Staffordshire English Transferware Green Plate Square Octagon Floral Relief Border George Jones Path Through Mountain Village


Brand George Jones & Sons

Staffordshire Green Transfer Ware Plate

George Jones and Sons


Circa 1921-33

This gorgeous plate depicts a gorgeous scene of a rock path/bridge that winds through a village nestled against the mountains on either side. . The plate has a stunning embossed border or flowers, leaves and feathers which is painted with a green rim. Absolutely gorgeous detail! Some of the prettiest plates I've seen.

The company began operation in c.1864 at Stoke Upon Trent at the Trent Potteries Works as George Jones and in 1873 became George Jones & Sons Ltd. They produced gorgeous majolica and earthen wares.
In 1907 the works was renamed Crescent Potteries.
George Jones died in 1893.

Measures 8.25" square with scalloped, tapered corners
Condition: There is a little typical crazing present.   chip on back that doesn't show on front.

*photo of two plates shows the mate, sold separately

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