19C Antique English Black Transferware Yellow Ware Canister Advertising Jar SAGO


Brand Unkown

I purchased this recently at an estate sale of a home that had been decorated by Charles Faudree.  It is a rare yellow ware SAGO crock / canister with a white slip glaze on it and black printed letters. It’s English and was made in the mid 1800’s. Sago is a starch taken from the center of sago palm stems and was used throughout the 18th and early to mid 19th centuries on a regular basis. Sago has similarities to tapioca, including its look, taste and feel. However, sago is not tapioca, which comes from a different plant. 

Measures: 5.5" tall

Condition: Absolutely wonderful!  Looks like it was scarcely used! Especially hard to find in such nice condition.

Impressed with a number '04' (I believe that's what it is) and letter  'R' on bottom