8" Vintage Brown & Red Bi Color Transferware English Polychrome Plate Royal Doulton Tulips Roses Flowers


Brand Royal Doulton

Here is a stunning transfer ware plate by Royal Doulton of Staffordshire England. It is a dinner sized plate with the most beautiful bouquet of flowers on the face. There are tulips, roses, sunflowers just to name a few. The florals are done in a red transfer that has been hand painted with shades of lilac, green, pink and pale yellow. The outer border is one of my all time favorites. It is done in a light brown, almost a greige / taupe color. Very soft and subtle. It is lacey and feminine. Between some of the transfer are subtle hints of pale yellow to contrast. Truly one of the prettiest plates I've seen...and the first time I've ever offered this pattern for sale. It is very hard to find! The rim crimped like a pie crust and slightly scalloped which adds to the lovely lines of this piece.

Measures appx 8"

Condition:  No chips or cracks with exception to small flakes on back that don't show from the front. I see no crazing. 


Royal Doulton Gossamer