Adams Antique Early Staffordshire Two Color Red & Green Transferware Plate Circa 1830-35


Brand T. Mayer

 Pearl Ware Adams Temple Warriors TRANSFERWARE PLATE

For consideration is this stunning antique transferware plate dating to about 1830-1835. The outer border is green and comprised of floral sprays and scenic cartouches with a scalloped, embossed rim. The face of the plate is red.  It is an absolutely beautiful piece and color combination!

Two Color transferware is highly collected, more difficult to find and more expensive to manufacture due to each color requiring its own transfer and firing. This plate is one of the earilest examples of two color pieces dating right around the time the process was invented and new colors were developed and introduced in the transfer printing process.

Impressed: ADAMS 8
Measures appx.  8"

Condition: No chips or cracks. There is roughness to the rim and some wear with fine, all over crazing. This is very common in antique earthenware pieces.