Antique 1920 Tulsa Historical Architectural Salvage Fence Finial Pediment Carved Wood


Brand Nancy's Daily Dish

Here is an antique, circa 1920, solid wood fence post cap from a home at 1215 S Newport (photo shown) in Tulsa’s Tracy Park. The home was purchased by an ancquanitn and is currently being refurbished.  Sadly this is the only piece of the railing / fence that wasn’t hauled off to the dump.

The district covers the north half of an 80 acre  allotment to Nola Childers Tracy, an orphaned girl of the Osage and Creek Nations, for whom the district and park are named. A lot sale was held in April, 1919, to open the subdivision for construction. Tracy Park subdivision was the first "standardized" subdivision (i.e. building restrictions limited the owners' options as to how to construct a dwelling on his lot).

Construction of the Inner Dispersal Loop Expressway in the late 1960s caused many houses to be demolished. As a result, the district now covers only 68 surviving houses.

Tracy Park was the first area in Tulsa to be nominated as a district on the National Register of Historic Places. It was placed on the Oklahoma Landmarks Inventory in July 1978. It was added to the National Register of Historic Places under Categories A and C on September 20, 1982. Its NRIS number is 82003707.

This is an original piece from the wood fence / railing around the 2nd floor balcony (can be seen in photo).  The paint is quite weathered as you can see.  It’s a neat little piece of Tulsa history!

Measures about 6” tall