Antique Aesthetic Movement Black Transferware Small Gilded Tureen Ladle and Tab Handled Platter


Brand Edge Malkin & Co

Edge Malkin & Co
Staffordshire England
Circa 1860-71

Edge Malkin & Co were potters in the Staffordshire region of England, known as 'The Potteries'. There factory was in Burslem and they specialized in the manufacture of earthenware.

For consideration is this exquisitely detailed, four piece set by Edge Malkin & Co in the Windsor pattern featuring a geometric, intricate floral pattern. This piece dates to the late 1800's and is from the period called the Aesthetic Movement (link below). The transfer on this piece is awesome and the application of the design which goes from the widest part of the body to the footrest is wonderful and quite intricate! The tureen is a sauce or gravy sized tureen and has two, pierced handles at either side and on the top with lovely shell detailing around the lid. The tray has tab handles. The ladle is intricately detailed in the well of the bowl and along the handle. Unfortunately it was broken and has been repaired. The repair is fairly subtle and when this sets inside the tureen it is not at all noticeable. When removed, you can see a line where it was reglued. The set has gilding around the rims and highlighting the design throughout. Very beautiful! Very hard to find! This is the only time I've seen this piece!