RARE Antique Blue Floral & Canton Gilded Spode Copeland Artichoke Lid Transferware Necklace Holder


Brand Nancy's Daily Dish

Sadly, the base to this lid arrived from England in about a thousand pieces so rather than toss the whole thing I saved the lid.  I know some of you collect only lids and they make pretty and interesting pieces in wall arrangements.  I thought this would be so sweet to hang necklaces from the gilded, figural knob.  It's a perfect size to hold several necklaces.  All you'll need is an adhesive disc hanger (sold HERE).

It is a solid piece decorated in a Chinoiserie Canton style floral and features a stunning gilded lid shaped like an artichoke on a gilt outlined leaf.  These would be gorgeous in a kitchen as well, for hanging a tea towel with a hanging loop.  

This piece is an early Spode / Copeland lid dating between 1900-10 which, according to Robert Copeland's book, 'Spode & Copeland Marks and Other Relevant Intelligence' bears a rarely seen and used makers mark (see photos of mark and of page 69 from the book shown here) 

Measures: 5 1/2" x 2" to top of finial

Condition: two or three small flakes / chips on the underside of the lid which do not show unless it is turned completely over.  Also does not effect use.