Antique Wooden British Butchers Butter Paddles / Hands / Spatula


Brand Crown Devon

Here is a nice pair of antique Butcher's Butter Hands / Paddles made in England during the mid19th Century for Grocers and Butchers shops where, in Britain,  the "hands" were used well into the 20th century to cut a piece of butter from a large block, on request from a customer.  In the home kitchen they were used to make individual butter balls for serving at table - just roll a small lump around between the two wooden pats.  

The wooden spatulas/paddles used for manipulating butter have several different names - Scotch hands, butter pats, butter paddles, beaters, clappers, and  spades among others. They can be put to use in various ways. As well as doubling up as scoops for taking butter from the churn, they can stir, cut, slap, lift. They can cut and shape the butter into a block, and then mark its top with a local design of crosses or grooves. Or they may be used to press butter into a mould. 

MEASURES: These paddles measure appx 11 1/2” long

Condition: one paddle has a tiny split at the top, about 2-3mm 

DATE:  Date to late 1800's to very early 1900's and in good antique condition

3rd photo shows a shorter set with grooves which is also available.