Antique Chinoiserie Flow Purple Mulberry English Transferware Plate Pagoda


Brand Podmore Walker

Beautiful, antique flow mulberry / purple-black transferware Pearl Stone ware plate by P W & C (Podmore, Walker and Company) dating to appx. 1843. The pattern is Temple and depicts a Chinoiserie scene with Pagodas. Very heavy.

Measures: 8"

Condition: No chips or cracks

Podmore Walker & Co

G. Podmore, Walker & Co. took over the Unicorn Pottery and Pinnox Works in Tunstall in 1834.

Sometime later they occupied Swan Bank Pottery, vacated by Ralph Hall in 1849. They are listed by Ward in 1843 as having two factories, Newfield and Tunstall. The initials P. W. & Co. appear on several printed marks. In 1859 firm became Wedgwood & Co. when Enoch Wedgwood succeeded the older partnership.

Enoch Wedgwood had been a partner in the original firm from about 1856, and that during the period circa 1856 to 1859 the initials P. W. & W. may occur on the mark.

After 1856 the marks WEDGWOOD and WEDGWOOD & CO. were also used. Chaffers illustrates a mark of a Unicorn with WEDGWOOD & CO. on a blue-printed plate; as this includes the words' Trade Mark' it indicates a date after 1860, when the firm was Wedgwood & Co.

They used the trade name "PEARL STONE WARE"