Antique Aesthetic Mvmt Flowering Blackberry Copeland Spode Polychrome Botanical Fluted Plate


Brand Spode Copeland

Circa 1880 Spode Copeland Flowering Blackberry Fluted Transferware Plate.

This stunning piece depicts a vibrantly colored branch of the Blackberry bush.  The colors are absolutely breathtaking!  It has a fluted edge.  

This is a lovely example of Aesthetic Movement Transferware, which you can read more about in my article, The Aesthetic Movement and Transferware:

I have just 3 of these difficult to find plates, each sold separately.

No chips or cracks, some minor wear , nick or glaze pops around the rim and some crazing
Impressed in an arched shape is the word Copeland over B
Measures: 8 3/8"