Antique Crown Devon John Peel Huntsman Equestrian Figueroa Fox Handled Musical Pedestal Bowl


Brand Crown Devon

Crown Devon Fieldings "John Peel" Musical Bowl

Here is a very rare Crown Devon (Fieldings) footed / pedestal bowl featuring the huntsman John Peel with a clockwork musical mechanism which plays the tune of “D’ye ken John Peel?” when the bowl is lifted.   The bowl has two handles in the form of foxes, the rim is decorated with raised oak leaves and acorns, the body with a raised portrait of John Peel  (1776-1854) together with hunt related objects and the foot / pedestal base has the lyrics of the song on either side. 

Condition: Excellent, no chips, no cracks and little crazing. There are a few rough glaze spots around the rim. I ha e seen this bowl sell at auction with broken fox handed for over $500.