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Antique English Victorian Roses Blue Transferware Chocolate Pot Dunn & Bennett 1891 Coffee Pot


Brand Dunn & Bennett

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Antique,  rich cobalt blue transferware chocolate pot with all over roses. This was made by Dunn & Bennet who manufactured earthenware and ironstone at Hanley and Burslem from the late 1870's to the 1990's (though they had by then been taken over by Royal Doulton). This piece dates to about 1890-1900 and the pattern is called Florence. It is an unusual piece and hard to find.

History of the Chocolate Pot from Smithsonian:

The human love affair with chocolate extends back thousands of years, but the options for consuming chocolate weren’t always so abundant. When the Spanish first introduced the treat to Western Europe in the 17th century, there was really only one: hot chocolate. It was prepared in its very own vessel, the chocolatière, or chocolate pot. 

When Louis XIII married Anne of Austria in 1615, the queen’s enthusiasm for chocolate spread to the French aristocracy. During that early modern period, the French had refined the dining experience to the point of extravagance. In that spirit, they crafted the chocolatière, a vessel uniquely suited to preparing chocolate.

Measures: 9" tall x about 6" 

Condition: No chips or cracks with exception to a very small chip under the lid...it doesn't show with the lid in place