Antique English Victorian Toby Jug Pitcher Vase Mr Snuff


Brand staffordshire

Quality antique Victorian Staffordshire toby jug of Mr Snuff  in wonderful period clothing in pink, green, rust, cream and white colours with a handle to the back standing on a circular base.

Snuff is a finely-ground smokeless tobacco inhaled through the nostrils.   ‘Taking snuff’ originated in the Americas and was introduced into Spain following Columbus’s second voyage to the New World in the 1490s.

Snuff rose to great prominence int he 1560's, after the supposed medicinal values from tobacco caused widespread use in Europe,  once the Queen of France, Catherine de' Medici, declared that it cured her headaches.  John Nicot recommended this tot he Queen, and later his name was given to Nicotine.


Note the hat has been repaired.  Discounted accordingly. Displays nicely

Height ~ appx 10"  

Circa 1850


There are competing theories for the origin of the name "Toby Jug". One is that it was named after the intoxicated, jovial character of Sir Toby Belch in Shakespeare's play Twelfth Night.  Another is that it was named after a notorious 18th-century Yorkshire drinker, Henry Elwes, who was known as "Toby Fillpot" (or Philpot),]who was mentioned in an old English drinking song The Brown Jug, the popular verses of which were first published in 1761. 


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