Antique Plynine Co British Edinburgh Ammonia Black Transfer Printed Advertising Bottle


Brand James Dunbar

A wonderful piece for your advertising collection!  Here is a large, antique Scottish black transfer printed stoneware bottle; examples of which can be found housed in the permanent collections of the British National Trust Museums. 

Made by Scottish potter James Dunbar for the Plynine Co. Ltd., located at The Shrubhill Chemical works in Edinburgh


"The Plynine Company Limited Edinburgh Household Ammonia Warranted Pure"

with directions printed below reading:

"In washing clothes, pewter utensils, brushes, Etc One Teaspoonful "Household Ammonia" to a pail of water produces wonderful results.  In the bath, one tablespoonful "Household Ammonia" to an ordinary sized plunge bath of water has a most refreshing and invigorating effect."

Fabulous print! 

Measures:  11” tall

Condition: No chips or cracks, good condition with slight sliver along bottom, shown in pics

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