Antique Prattware Transferware Plate The Wolf & The Lamb w/ Gold Acorns Oak Leaf Border


Brand Royal Cauldon

Prattware Staffordshire Polychrome  Transfer Ware Plate

 Introduced for the Great Exhibition of 1851 and illustrated in the Art Journal for 1856, p. 36, this plate features an engraving originally by J. H. Robinson which was destroyed and later engraved by C. W. Sharpe in multi colored transfer ware. It is often called 'The Bully' but is actually  titled 'The Wolf and The Lamb', after an original painting by William Mulready (1786-1863) which is now in the Royal collection of Art at Buckingham Palace

What a story is told in the picture of "The Wolf and the Lamb,".  That wolfish boy—he has outgrown everything he wears—is the terror of all in the village; he is always ready to do battle, save in a righteous cause, and when his opponent is bigger than himself; his hair, his collar, his coat, and his sleeves, are all turned back, expressive of defiance; in his haste to place himself in a fighting attitude, or more properly speaking, a bullying attitude, he has burst the strap of his trowsers, while his countenance exhibits tho most perfect embodiment of juvenile tyranny. The other, a meek-looking—but, we will venture to assert, a well-disposed lad—is possibly "the only son of his mother, and she a widow;" the little girl is his sister, whose cries for assistance have brought their parent to tho door of the cottage to rescue the "Lamb" from the fangs of the "Wolf." Tho whole picture is full of natural incident expressed in the most felicitous manner.   The plate  is highlighted with gilt accents and a border of conjoined bell flowers, acorns and oak leaves.  It is one of a small series of very high quality pieces featuring well known works of art during the mid 19th century whose production is regarded as the apex of the factories production in terms of quality and color reproduction. A stand out addition to any collection of this factory or fine Victorian pottery. 

 Another plate is in the collection at the Fitzwilliam Museum at Cambridge.

This plate is also illustrated in the following books:

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Art Journal. 1856. p. 36
Ref. Engraving after original painting 'The Wolf and the Lamb' by W. Mulready, illustrated in the Art Journal for 1856, p. 36. Engraved by C.W. Sharpe, though an engraving by J.H. Robinson had been published earlier but the plate destroyed. Size of painting 2ft x 1ft 8in.

Condition:  Beautiful, no chips, no cracks

Measures: 9 3/8"

Circa 1850-1900