Antique Red Pink THANSKGIVING DAY Transferware Farmhouse with Flock of Turkeys Platter Crown Ducal Colonial Times


Brand Crown Ducal


Colonial Times by Crown Ducal

For consideration is this highly collectible turkey platter from Crown Ducal's Colonial Times series,circa 1930. Perfect for display or use, depicting a vintage Thanksgiving Day Farm Scene with a group of turkeys in the foreground.  The border is surrounded with several cartouches pertaining to significant times and/or peoples of the U.S. history....The Mayflower in Plymouth Harbour, an American Indian on horseback with bow and arrow, a Pilgrim couple watching the Mayflower return, and Pocahontas saving the life of John Smith. It is perfect for the biggest of Thanksgiving turkeys and is equally beautiful at Christmas with a ham, as a big cookie platter or use for coffee service.  Or simply display this beauty!  

Measures: 20 1/4" x 15

Condition: no chips or cracks


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