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Antique Staffordshire Childs Canary Ware Cup MARY


Brand Nancy's Daily Dish

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Staffordshire England Circa 1810- 1820

The named mug " MARY " is wrapped in a Victorian cartouche of scrollwork, flowers and vines in a black transfer.

Canary ware is a refined whiteware with a glossy bright yellow glaze, which ranges from pale to deep yellow.  The yellow in the glaze comes from antimony, which is toxic in certain forms. Potters who manufactured canary ware often developed blisters on their skin.

Canary ware often has showy decorative motifs, including transfer printed mottos and images.  Canary ware is sometimes confused with yellow ware but is differentiated by its yellow color which comes solely from the glaze.  Yellow ware has a distinctly yellow tone to the ceramic itself.

Childrens ware were often given as gifts to children as rewards for good behaviour, and sometimes personalized, such as this piece.  They were also used to encourage morality and as educational aids throughout the early to mid 19th century. 

The piece is unmarked. It most certainly was made in the Staffordshire district. The mug is in exceptional condition. No chips, no cracks, no hairlines and no repairs. Children's early mugs of this quality are very highly sought and not easily found.

Measures: 2 7/8" high x 3 7/8" handle to opposite rim