Antique / Vintage Hand Painted Fruit Wood Checkerboard Bread Board Tray


Brand Unknown

I bought this several months back while antiquing around some of the small towns surrounding Tulsa.  This beautifully painted checkerboard caught my eye immediately and I had to get it!  The fruits are vibrant and well detailed.   I've displayed it around the kitchen in my house and really enjoyed it.  It is  perfect for  playing checkers, serving cheeses, bread or simply as a display piece.  Has hanging holes on back so it is ready to be hung!

Measures: just under 18" x 12" 

Condition: Overall excellent.  There are no dents or splits in the wood and it seems to have a glaze over it to protect the image though there are a couple of very minor scratches here and there but nothing significant or distracting from the design at all.