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Antique White English Staffordshire King Cavalier Spaniel Dog Figurine


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Here is a small, antique Staffordshire King Charles Cavalier Spaniel dog figurine.  He has rusty brown ears and spots and wears a time worn faded gold collar.  This is an old press mold piece, one of the earlier versions.

***The last three photos show two of these dogs, one of which is damaged and sold separately.  This listing is for the one on the right.

They look great stacked on books, tucked amongst other collectibles on a shelf, used as bookends for a few smaller books...or I think they look especially great paired with larger dogs in groups.   They epitomize classic, English country style & decor! 

Measures:  3 3/4” tall

Condition:  Very old

*I have quite a few pairs of various Staffordshire dogs from small to large and in different colors.  I import these from the UK and have a constantly changing inventory. 


Named Staffordshire for the county in which they come from, where potteries produced these ceramic canines meant to set upon a mantel , the dogs are Cavalier King Charles spaniels named for the British monarch, Charles II (1630-1685) who was said to give these royal hounds the run of the castle. In the early 18th century, the figurines were made from china and hand-painted in a labor intensive process of repeated kiln firings. They reached the height of their popularity in the late 1800s and were mass produced in the 20th century.  Today, they are highly sought by collectors and designers turning to the past for inspiration.