Black Transferware Hand Enameled Lustre Ware Plate Antique Wedgwood Vine Flowers


Brand Wedgwood

Absolutely stunning, this rare antique Wedgwood plate offers a profusion of Autumnal colored buds and blossoms in multiple shades of green, and yellow / gold which are entirely hand painted (enameled)  over the delicate black transfer. The plate has a taupe/gold lustre finish and gold / gilt highlights on the flower head, stem and vines. What a gorgeous piece!

Measures:  10.25"

Marked: on back as shown with hand written, stamped and impressed markings. *the photo of the back of the plate is just one of the 12 plates I have in this pattern but gives you an idea of what the backs look like.

Condition: chips or cracks, some wear around the painted mustard colored trim.

Circa 1902-1907