Blue Transferware Embossed Border Plate Staffordshire Rural English Cottages Sheep


Brand Crown Ducal

This picturesque blue transfer ware plate depicts the quintessential English village of Offenham lined with thatched cottages on either side. There is a man with a small herd of sheep walking down the road next to the homes. The plate has a plain white band that separates a delicate outlining floral transfer which creates a striking frame for the bucolic scene.  It is scalloped around the outer rim.

ffenham Village lies approx. 3 miles to the north  of Evesham town, in Worcestershire.  The village has no through road and nestles in the curve of the river Avon.

“Offenham is steeped in history linked with Evesham Abbey and the furthest bank of the river is thought to be the site of Simon de Montfort’s Army’s last stand. A small spit of land here called ‘Dead Man’s Ait’ is the site of many finds of arrow heads and bones.

Dominating the head of Main Street is one of the few remaining, wooden maypoles in the country and along Main Street can be seen the longest thatch in Worcestershire, spanning 7 cottages.

The village is known in the area for its market gardening and following the modern way of growing, much of the land is now under glass. Indeed it is said, on a sunny day and from a higher vantage point, that Offenham glitters where sunlight touches glass.” -from the Offenham Village website


Measures: 9”

Condition: No chips or cracks, there is crazing