Brown Polychrome Transferware Tea Caddy Cries of London Wheelbarrow Dog Lidded Jar


Brand Crown Devon

Vintage & RARE
Brown Polychrome TRANSFER WARE Lidded Tea Caddy 
Cries of London

For consideration is this lovely tea caddy by Crown Devon, Fieldings England.  The caddy features scenes from Wheatley's Cries of London series depicting street peddlars in London's East end.  Th same scene, of a woman and young boy, selling matchsticks with their dog at their side, is on both sides of the jar.  The lid shows a wheel barrow set like a small table with a basket of berries on top.

Measures4 1/2" tall x 2 1/2" square

Condition: No chips or cracks, some crazing. There is an orange-ish stain on one corner.  It appears that this may have been used to hold pens and one bled inside and soaked through.  I have not washed this so it may be removed or lightened with peroxide.  It can be turned to the back and is not overly noticeable where it blends into the scene.  It has been reduced by over 50% due to the stain though.