C. 1891 Aesthetic Movement Gray Transferware Planter Wash Stand Doulton Lambeth Aquarius


Brand Royal Doulton

Here is an absolutely stunning piece dating to the late 1800's by Doulton Lambeth.  This is a very rare and unusual water vessel with a lip that rested on a stand and would tilt forward to pour into a basin which sat below (see last images).  It is quite large and heavy.  This is the jug part of the Aquarius, in creamy white-colored earthenware which still retains its gloss finish. The vessel is decorated with gray transfer printed trailing flowers and scrollwork.  The jug features a  horizontal design with a large central mouth  over which a short bail handle is moulded.  Protruding shoulders have moulded scrolls to enable the jug to sit securely on an accompanying stand while swinging forward on wooden rollers to pour water into a basin.  Charmingly , it presents the shape of a woman’s neck and shoulders.  It is really beautifully detailed in both form and transfer!


Circa 1890-1902

'Royle's Patent Toilet Aquarius', earthenware, Doulton Burslem, England, c. 1891.

An old advertisement from 1891 (pictured in black and white) shows a Toilet Aquarius, a new patented water container for wash stands where no muscular effort required. The water flows into the basin by simply pulling forward the handle. No lifting of a heavy jug. A Boon to Ladies and Invalids. A trouble-saver to Strong Men. The newly patented device is endorsed by the famous theatre actress, Phyllis Broughton.

Overall dimensions: 17” x 12” x 6” 

Condition: No chips or cracks. There is  a little typical, age related crazing present and one stress mark around the lower side that appears to have been done during manufacture. 

The color are antique ad is from 1894.  In the black and white ad you can see how this was used.  When I found it I just had to buy it.  I thought it would be gorgeous as a container for a small plant or flowers.  I had displayed it setting on the back of a toilet previously.  It would be pretty on a sturdy shelf as well.