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Card Game of the Blue Willow Pattern Plate Vintage Parlour Games


Brand Nancy's Daily Dish

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Game of The Willow Pattern Plate

Originally published in 18th Century Britain, this parlour game incorporates the tragic Chinese tale of the The Long Weeping Willow (and the iconic and best selling China pattern of all time, Blue Willow).  This is interpreted in a  skewed fashion that was typical of the Victorian era.  The story centers around a young girl who rejects her Fathers choice of suitors in favor for a poor peasant boy and they run away together.  Each of the cards is numbered from 1 to 30.  The object of the game is to make a Tchin  A Tchin is made when the numbers on the cards amount to 1, 11,21,31, or 41.  Scoring 51 makes a Tchin-Tchin, or double.

A fun game to play with friends, give as party favors or simply use as fun place cards at a dinner party or luncheon...especially one where you're dining on Blue Willow or Chinoiserie china!

The game is boxed and sealed...Brand New.

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