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Circa 1800's Antique English Oak Silver Engraved Shield Biscuit Barrel / Ice Bucket


Brand Nancy's Daily Dish

Beginning in the early 1800's biscuit barrels were used as a part of the everyday English lifestyle and tea time ritual. A standard in almost every English home, biscuit barrels were used to store and serve biscuits (the English word for cookies and shortbread). Antique biscuit barrels can be found made from oak, silver, mahogany, glass, and crystal. Most are of the same basic design - barrel shaped with a lid and handle. Some are embellished with silver, engraved trophy shields  and feet. Many are lined with a heavy ceramic lining.

Antique treen oak biscuit barrel / ice bucket.

Engraved / Monogrammed silver crest / shield on beautiful variegated grained wood. 

 Measures: 6 1/2" diameter x 8" to top of lid