19-20C Antique English Equestrian Horse Jumping Scene WHISKY Liquor Keg Spirits Barrel IDEAL FOR LAMP

$449.99 $379.99

Brand Unknown

Here is another vintage / antique spirits barrels from England.  It is a creamy white/ivory colored Ceramic Barrel Dispenser for Whisky.  It looks to be hand painted and features an Equestrian rider on horseback jumping a fence.  

This fantastic spirits barrel dates to the late 19th or early -mid 20th Century.  It is vividly hand colored / painted and reads WHISKY in gold lettering.

 It would be perfect converted into a lamp, as a container for silk flowers (or fresh if you used a cylindrical glass vase beneath) or simply on its own atop a bookcase, in a home bar or in an office.

These are hard to come by as many didn't survive over the years.  

Measures: approximately 13" tall x 9 1/2" diameter

Condition: Normal wear for an antique item such as this...some crazing, scuffing and wear to the gold trim and paint.