Damask Toile Ceramic English Garden Stool / Seat or Side Table White & Tan


Brand Nancy's Daily Dish

 Barrel- or drum-shaped garden stools have been used in China for over 1,000 years. They may have evolved out of the Buddhist garden tradition, where natural elements like tree stumps and smooth rocks were used as seats. 

Traditionally, Chinese homes were built around a courtyard with an emphasis on their gardens, so outdoor furniture was essential.

This stool is made of a heavy ceramic and is suitable for extra seating (in the garden or in the house) and or as a side table. It is decorated with a traditional Chinese symbol cutout atop and on either side.  It is white and accented with a deep tan / medium brown damask toile.  The pattern is slightly embossed into the design giving an additional layer of texture.  Around the top and bottom of the piece, the stool pays homage to its original counterpart by being decorated with simulated nail-heads. The nailhead motif is left over from ancient Chinese drums, which had wood bodies with skins stretched over each end and affixed with nails.

Measures: 18" tall x 13"

Condition: Unused, new