Early 19th Century RARE Davenport Blue Staffordshire THREE Color Transferware Plate


Brand Davenport

Unusual and rare, this stunning plate is done in a three color process, meaning there are 3 different transfers, one over the other, each requiring its own firing and a very skilled transferrer for placement of the pattern.  The depth and color (black, green, blue) is magnificent on this early 19th Century plate. 

John Davenport, born in 1765 and began his potting career in 1785 as a workman in the pottery. He later partnered with Thomas Wolfe of Stoke and then acquired his own pottery at Longport in 1794 and manufactured earthenware. The name was changed to William Davenport and Company. William died in 1869, and his two sons took over the direction of the business, which remained in the family until 1887.

Dates from 1815-40

Measures: 9 1/2"

Condition:  No chips or cracks.  Some surface scratches and brown pitted spots as shown in close up photos.