Country French Hardy Folk Coast of Brittany "Costumes of 18th Century France" Boy 4 of 4 Plate


Brand Alfred Meakin

Vintage English Plate by Alfred Meakin depicting French Costumes of the 18th Century, this is the fourth of four different plates in the series I have listed. This one depicts a boy in traditional folk costume worn in Brittany where until the first part of the 19th century, the vast majority of its inhabitants spoke Breton and their everyday dress consisted of distinct local costumes. This Breton culture can be seen today during church festivals and other events when the old costumes with their “coiffes” [hats of lace] – a different hat in each area – can be seen. . The plate has a beautiful grape leaf embossed border hand painted at the edge with a deep green.

Measures: 8.75"

Condition: No cracks or chips. Some surface scratches, nothing significant.

This is truly an excellent find!