Transferware Plate English Thatched cottage Garden / Embossed Rim


Brand Crown Devon

"There is probably no object so much a natural part of the English landscape, nor which makes such a direct appeal to the heart and imagination, as the old country cottage".  This perfectly charming 17th century cottage in Luddington Warwickshire (misspelled on the plate with only one D), now part of Stratford on Avon, is featured in the 1906 antique book entitled "Old English Country Cottages" on page 131 in the section which features the gardens, style and craftsmanship of cottages in that area.

This picturesque dark brown / black transfer ware plate depicts a quintessential row of thatched English cottages  surrounded by a plethora of country flowers.  It has a nice embossed border of scrolls and plumes with a painted mustard green outline.  The scene has some hand painted highlights of brown, taupe, gold, green, red, yellow and blue. 

Perfect for display or serving cookies from

Measures: 9”

Condition: No chips or cracks, there is crazing present

Circa 1930's