Handwoven Large European Bee Skep Yard / Garden Decor Beehive


Brand Nancy's Daily Dish

Perfect for your cottage garden, this beehive is a classic home for honey bees. The traditional method for heath-beekeepers (since 1900 ) has been to use hand-woven straw. The straw beehive is the precursor of the wooden beehives. Heath-beekeepers frequently move their beehives to heathland areas where there are flowering nectar plants and prefer to use this type of beehive as they are lightweight and easy to move. This beehive can provide a home for bees in a simple, quick and inexpensive way.  Often times they are placed on stands (shown in photo 1 or elevated on a taller perch, shown in photo 2).  They look beautiful in your garden or just as a decoration on a patio or in a sunroom with birdhouses, etc.

Measures:  16.3 x 16.3 x 12.8 inches
Condition:  Unused, new (Shown in 1st and 2nd Photo, 2nd photo shows the skep best)