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Handwoven Rattan / Wicker Rolling Wheels French Market Basket


Brand Nancy's Daily Dish

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Antique style Rolling Market Basket

Panier a Champignons

Rustic, Weathered and Cottage Perfect!  

Inspired by shopping carts found in the open markets of Paris, this handwoven, handled rolling market cart is perfect for your own shopping or as a display anywhere in your home.   It has a rounded handle, natural and dark stains, rubber wheels and solid wood base for support and a front rest so that it stands upright.  These are so very hard to find, whether antique or reproduction.  I have one in my living room (shown in 3rd photo) filled with hydrangeas and displayed with an antique foraging basket/walking stick.  I absolutely love it!  Perfect for winter firewood or spring flowers!

17.5" x 18.5"L x 37.5"H 

I have a couple of two are exactly alike as they are hand made.  The wheels are made in one unit with the metal base and stand.  They come unattached but easily screw into place.  This reduces shipping cost by over $14 because with the wheels attached it requires the next size up box and shipping is often based on the size of box, not just the weight.  

See the link below to read and see my blog post about the foraging baskets shown to the left of the market basket.

Panier a Champignons - Foraging Baskets & More of my English Cottage Living Room