HUGE 19C Antique English Victorian CLOVES Spirits Barrel Keg for LAMP / DECOR / BAR


Brand Royal Staffordshire

This fantastic spirits / liquor barrel comes from England and dates to the late Victorian / early Edwardian period.  It reads simply, “CLOVES” in gold lettering.  The barrel is decorated with a green (slightly blue green), soft creamy/ pale yellow flowers and gold outlining.  It is banded and comes with its original solid brass tap.  The tap has London engraved on it (see pictures).  Cloves were used in combination with several liquors or in Shrub (a type of cocktail blend).

This is one of the largest of the antiques spirits barrels I've had the pleasure of buying and selling.  I will be listing a matching SHRUB and BITTERS barrel.

 It would be perfect converted into a lamp!   In fact I have two that I'm having made into lamps now.   It also would be gorgeous with a flower arrangement or just a stand alone decorative (and certainly conversational) piece.  I’ve included several images of how some famous designers and decorators have used them in their designs.

These are relatively hard to come by as many didn't survive over the years.  

Measures: 13 3/8" tall x appx 12" wide x 7 1/2" deep  (about 8' where the spout protrudes out).  There is no top lid, however the original tap is included and will be removed for transit. It easily can be put right back in.

It would have held 2+ gallons

Condition: Excellent for age, no chips, no cracks. There is crazing (mostly sin one spot at upper part of keg, see close up) and  some signs of wear to the gold, all as to be expected with a piece this old, fragile and large.  

interior photos:  Charles Faudree via Traditional Home converts a similar, smaller English barrel into a lamp for a bar

Last photo: Gail Clairidge converts a pair of the same kind, though different scene, into lamps for a sideboard.