James Kent "Old Foley" The Way to Wealth - Wise Sayings Black Transferware Plate 2


Brand James Kent

This is a vintage black transferware plate produced by James Kent as part of a series of plates titled "The Way to Wealth - Wise Sayings".  I have six different plates in this series and they are all adorable.

 This particular one depicts several customers who bought shoddy goods from a "cheap shop" and attempting to return them.  Unfortunately the shop is closed and promises to reopen in a "few days".  Captioned below is:

"Buy what thou hast no need of and ere long thou wilt sell thy necessaries.  At a great Pennyworth pause awhile.  Many are ruined by buying bargains."

 Collect all six!

 Plate condition is great with no chips or cracks.  Little, if any, crazing.

 Measures: 8"