Large Blue English Scenic Transferware Soup Tureen Grazing Cattle Cows Sheep Horses Billy Goats w/ Rose Thistle Shamrock Border


Brand Adams

Vintage English soup tureen in a pastoral pattern by Adams. The tureen depicts a farm and castle in the far distance. In the foreground are cattle, horses, sheep grazing in the field. Closer in is a cute little billy goat chomping on a flower near the stream. The lid has a pretty floral shaped finial at the top and a beautiful molded top. The body of the tureen depicts cattle and sheep resting in the pasture with a shepherd nearby. The tureen is fluted and inside depicts the same scene as is on the lid. The set has pie crust edges and are bordered with a fantastic mix of Great Britain's emblems; the English Rose, Scottish Thistle and Irish Shamrock.


This is a gorgeous piece for any collector!

Measurements: Tureen measures 9" tall X 12 1/2" wide X 10" deep

Platter is NOT included in this listing but is listed separately.

Condition it very good, but the opening slot on the lid of the tureen has a sliver gone where the spoon would fit in.  It isn't too noticeable at all.  I've included close up photos and have discounted this piece due to the minor imperfection.


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