Mason's Vista Red / Pink Transferware 3 Section Hors D'oevres Handled Trefoil Relish Dish Tray Oak Leaves


Brand Mason's



This beautiful and difficult to find piece depicts an elegant garden scene surrounding a stately castle in the English countryside.  Vista The border blends oak leaves and ivy. The figural handle is decorated with a small calico motif'

Vista is widely popular amongst serious collectors and novices alike.  It is easily recognizable by it's castle and park like scenes with oak leaf borders.
The Vista pattern is by far the most popular that Masons ever produced.  It is attributable to Francis Morley who purchased from Charles Mason his business and factories in 1848.
Vista was largely made for export to the United States beginning in 1890, of which brown came first, followed by blue.  Pink/red is the most sought after, most common and most produced color.  Vista can also be found in green (dating to about 1900 with a short lived production) , purple, and multi-colored (dating between appx. 1918 and 1944), though they are harder to find in these colorways. 
Vista was also produced in other variations such as Oak Vista where there is no oak leaf border but rather an embossed, non colored border. 
See my Mason's Vista Christmas tablesetting here:

Condition is excellent having no chips or cracks and only some typical crazing.

Measures: appx 10" x 10" x 3.5" tall at top of handle